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During your initial consult, I will cover all bases with you to ensure your flowers compliment all aspects of your special day. At the appointment, you will be able to view my full portfolio and often, view some of the high quality fresh flowers we work with.

I suggest beginning to organise your wedding flowers approximately six to ten months out from your wedding  date, however I know that every wedding is different and it is possible to organise your flowers in under a month!

There are a few steps you need to look at before looking too deeply into flowers, you will need to book your venue, chose a colour scheme, have ordered bridal & bridesmaid’s dresses or have them narrowed down to a few options and establish who will need need flowers  and any spaces you may want to decorate.

I also strongly suggest that you consider a realistic flowers budget prior to your initial consult. We will endeavour to keep you as close to your budget as possible and offer options and guidance as needed to try to match your ideas with budget.

I suggest looking through the galleries on our website and scrolling through our Instagram feed prior to meeting, so you can familiarise yourself with some of my work and it gives us a good point to start. I pride myself on attention to detail, and my aim is to make choosing your Wedding Flowers an enjoyable experience.


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Write 'TBC' if this isn't confirmed.
Write 'TBC' if this isn't confirmed.
Write 'TBC' if this isn't confirmed.